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Made Of Fail

Content? Not in our contracts!

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nerd hobbies, mass media

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Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: $0

Made of Fail is a Chaotic Neutral podcast cobbled together out of duct tape and chutzpah by the absurd ideas of Kevin O'Shea and Dayna Abel. It is currently hosted by Dayna Abel and George Hatch.

Made of Fail is updated as close to monthly as we can make it (we TRY, okay?) and focuses on various aspects of nerd culture; awesomely weird news; pimping out indie bands and songs you just don't hear enough lately; our mutual love of the semicolon; and corrupting the youth of America with TOTALLY AWESOME STUFF one podcast at a time.

Occasionally we might delve into srs bsns, but that's because we can.

Creative Commons License
Made of Fail Podcast by Kevin O'Shea, Dayna Abel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The Hosts:
In charge of Made of Fail, these people corrupt everything they touch.

    Kevin O'Shea (alliancesjr) is the evil computer mastermind and progenitor of Made of Fail. He is a suburban-dweller raised primarily on Hebrew National beef franks and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Areas of expertise include playing World Of Warcraft, being relatively technologically proficient and losing battles of wits to his co-hostess. Various talents include playing the tambourine, being self-confident and self-deprecating all at once and somehow being able to justify the Gin Blossoms. Claims to be an avid writer. Once a mild-mannered co-host, now taken on his final form as Executive Producer of Made Of Fail Productions and Starter Of Things.

    Dayna Abel (queenanthai) is a Swiss Army Nerd who is devoted to comics, video games, horror movies and lying about her age every year on the cake. Raised in northern Illinois, she now resides in the greater New Orleans area with her husband, boyfriend and two cats who really need to stop bothering her while she's rewriting biographies. She mains Alliance on World Of Warcraft, riffs bad movies on the internet, and for the love of god, don't play Journey around her.

    George Hatch (@Raeseti) came to the show in the most honorable of ways: with a large chunk of money. Winning a guest spot on the show by contributing to a worthy charity, George met the Failcrew at C2E2 one year and ended up moving in with Dayna, eventually replacing Kevin as permanent co-host. George was also co-host of the now-defunct Signature Move podcast, and is a regular contributor to LordKat's Turducken Is Tasty football live show. He can hit the high notes in "Take On Me." It's kind of freaky.

Episode Listing:
  1. Content? Not In Our Contracts!
    In which our recording equipment sucks, Machine Girl is awesome, Nintendo DS is getting some great games, She-Hulk rocks and puppies square off against robotic vacuum cleaners.

  2. I Remember When I Used To Really Be Into Nostalgia*
    In which we have an opening (and listeners!), 90s music rocks, George Carlin is mourned, Jack Thompson gets destroyed and Dayna makes fun of the tambourine.

  3. Computer Hacking (and Wheezing)
    In which our heroes are a bit under the weather, Dayna is Maxine Headroom, Kevin plays with the editing functions of Audacity, the Angry Video Game Nerd is awesome, the cock crows during trigonometry, Fall Out Boy laughs at Dayna (instead of the other way around!) and the Death Curse is established.

  4. Superhero Super-Special
    In which the Dark Knight is reviewed by various listeners, Adam is compared to a Brady Bunch minor character, Kevin is unable to figure out proper sound settings for background music, classic video games are discussed, Darkwing Duck is the terror that flaps in the night, DC Universe vs. Mortal Kombat is discussed, Dr. Horrible sings in his blog and Paris Hilton is listed in a comic-related movie.

  5. This Is How We Roll
    In which Dayna is die-curious, a cat can in fact roll natural 20, Kevin completely messes up D&D 4th Edition, the Joker has a Fatality and Dayna leaves for New Orleans.

  6. We're Bad Enough Dudes To Rescue the President
    In which our listeners do not get the title reference, Made of Fail lives IN A WORLD...without Don LaFontaine, Earthbound is trippy, Final Fantasy IV DS rocks, Jillian is the harbinger of musical doom, Dayna is rocked like a hurricane and Dr. McNinja keeps ramping up the awesome.

  7. What, Would You Prefer "Undead American"?
    In which the author of Movies In Fifteen Minutes completely saves the podcast from a computer crash, Cleolinda doubts our committment to Sparkle Motion, Werewolves = rabies, fanmail is read, and the Vitamin String Quartet is awesome.

  8. Your Material Does Not Suit Our Needs At This Time
    In which your heroes talk about their days, Peter David rocks completely, and writing is REALLY HARD YOU GUYS.

  9. Do You Believe In the Boogeyman? OR: What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?
    In which we discuss Why "Nightmare On Elm Street" Is Awesome, what scares us, music news, Scream-O-Vision and the proper usage of the Rickroll.

  10. Do We Dazzle You?
    In which Cleolinda Jones joins us once again to rip the shit out of the "Twilight" movie, Kevin ponders the direction the music business is going, we have our very first contest and everyone contracts sudden and severe glaucoma for some reason.

  11. Your Regularly Scheduled Program
    In which three people who don't even watch TV do a TV episode because we promised a listener, Robin's origin is reimagined, Mother fans have reason to celebrate, we try for another contest, lots of really nice fan mail is read, and nobody loves Hentai Dayna. Happy New Year!

  12. Buckets Of Explosions!
    In which special guest Lewis Lovhaug rips into everything wrong with comics, we promote a few really GOOD comics and movie adaptations of comics are discussed. (Also: comics.)

  13. And That's When the Internet Exploded
    In which The Internet Is Serious Business, we pontificate the digital future of comics, we get a new editor and we introduce the Do Not Be A Douchebag On the Internet Campaign (or DNBADOTIC, if you will).

  14. Quis Custodiet...Oh, You Know the Rest
    In which Watchmen Is Awesome. Like, really, really, really awesome. And none of us are left active, healthy, and without personality disorders.

  15. We Think This Show's Mostly Filler
    In which we fulfull a promise made back in Episode One, and it is glorious.

  16. Episode Fifteen Part Two: The Real One
    In which we swear this is an actual episode, Dayna cannot function properly without Kevin, we get into a bit of the history of our nerdism and lots of cool things are coming out soon.

  17. We Were Unpopular Before It Was Cool
    In which we think we just wrote a t-shirt, geek flags fly high and proudly and we respond to epic critique of the new Star Trek movie.

  18. Anniversary the First - Acoustic Boogaloo!
    In which we make it a whole year without alienating listeners, we mourn David Eddings, celebrate several impending video games and answer your questions. Thanks to everyone for listening!

  19. We Put On Our Robes and Wizard Hats
    In which Cleolinda, Jillian and Adam join Kevin in discussing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In conclusion: Alan Rickman.

  20. Cataclysms, Compocalypses and Crudeness
    In which Skynet goes active, Dayna gets dirty with Dissidia, WoW gets the best expansion ever, and the ACLU is going to have to firebomb our houses.

  21. Something To Sing About
    In which OH GOD WE ARE SINGING FOR 200 PEOPLE AAAHHH, Kevin is very comfortable with his masculinity thank you, and the merits of various musical subgenres are discussed.

  22. Don't Taunt the Fear Demon
    In which we finally get some Dollhouse talk out of the way, we go over recent horror movies and we DO NOT WANT the new Nightmare On Elm Street *spit* remake trailer. Also: books and music news!

  23. FACE PUNCH!!
    In which we are joined by Cleolinda and Rinna for New Moon snark and an in-depth discussion of the effects of celebrity proximity. Oh, and porn. BIG NSFW TAG.

  24. Content May Have Shifted
    In which we flip around a couple of episodes so as to accommodate another compocalypse and have a nice, quiet episode...until a storm rolls in.

  25. Narrative Causality
    In which we finally get to those Reader Reviews (thank you!), Emily joins us for Discworld discussion, and Dayna learns about Morphic Resonance.

  26. What Can Otaku Do For You?
    In which MarzGurl of TGWTG fame joins us to discuss anime, its upsides and downsides and crazy-ass yaoi sides; and we touch back a little on celebrity boundaries. Also, Tessa is a baby murloc.

  27. ECC Squee
    In which Dayna meets some guy, not sure who, can't remember his name. Also: Kevin uses his internet clout to get a girl. APOCALYPSE AHOY.

  28. Let Me Show You Them
    In which our regular hosts discuss the evolution of Pokemon (did you hear? They liek mudkipz), Dungeons & Dragons, World Of Warcraft and other RPGs.

  29. If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Power Ring On It
    In which Linkara joins us once again to discuss BLACKEST NIGHT, as well as feminism, sexuality and sexism in comics.

  30. Whatever You Do...Don't. Fall. Asleep.
    In which we are joined again by Dennis of Yeah I Said It, new blood KC, and DC Comics writer Sterling Gates (!) for a round-table discussion of the Nightmare On Elm Street remake.

  31. Second Anniversary LIVE Extravaganza
    In which Dayna manages to techfail the opening despite her checklist, our first live show goes fantastically, and Cleolinda Jones pops in to say hello.

  32. Powdered Sparklepire
    In which the lovely Cleolinda joins us not only to discuss Eclipse, but manages to Blue Screen Dayna for a second time. The lady works wonders, people.

  33. kekeke zerg rush
    In which Adam and Tessa join Kevin to discuss Starcraft II and the World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta. Jetpacks on chickens and goblins in pimp suits. Seriously, that's just living the dream right there.

  34. Self-Esteem Is For Everybody
    In which the Lady Scarlett of TSE fame joins us for a long-overdue pep talk, and Dayna fails her Will save and takes a -10 to her heterosexuality.

  35. It Gets Better
    In which Noel joins us for a wonderful talk against the effects of bullying, and Dayna and Noel square off on horror movie remakes.

  36. In Conclusion, Alan Rickman
    In which Cleolinda gets to be Dayna, and Mark (from Mark Reads!) joins us for a discussion of Deathly Hallows: Part 1

  37. It Goes Ding When There's Stuff
    In which listener Steve joins in a wonderful conversation of Doctor Who with Martin from the Hoo on Who Podcast!

  38. If the Monkey Wants Your Banana
    In which we are joined by George, the winner of our charity auction, to discuss aspects of geek culture we love that are usually shunned. Also the ones that we hate and get shunned for hating.

  39. Do Not Leave Co-Hosts Unattended
    In which our intrepid editor Devin fills in for Kevin and can only look on in horror as Dayna and guest J.K. Woodward (artist for IDW's FALLEN ANGEL) go completely off the rails. A great deal of bourbon is involved. Best we say no more.

  40. Join YA Mafia Wars [Accept/Deny]
    In which we are joined by Emily, Cleolinda and Ceilidh (a fangirl of the kind native to Scotland) to discuss what has been dubbed "the YA Mafia" among literary circles.

  41. Back To Basics
    In which Dayna is reinstated as co-host and things finally settle back down into what passes for normalcy around here.

  42. Feeling A Little Horse
    In which Tessa joins us to discuss the new My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic cartoon, Kevin outs himself as a brony, and we all go over gender politics in geek culture. Also, Tessa basically turns into Pinkie Pie and freaks out everypony.

  43. Year Three Has Issues
    In which we are joined once again by Sterling Gates and Linkara! We ring in our third year by listening to a ghost story, reviewing the Green Lantern movie, and pretty much sitting back and making popcorn while Lewis and Sterling talk about the DC Comics relaunch.

  44. Mischief Managed
    In which Cleo, Mark and Rinna return to discuss the conclusion of the Harry Potter movie franchise, and the Nineteen Years Later epilogue is totally a metaphor.

  45. Queue Queue
    In which Kevin and Dayna vent frustration about the lack of well-behaved people on World Of Warcraft, as if this was some kind of revelation or something. In other news, the sun is hot.

  46. Love Is On the Air Tonight
    In which we cede the episode to dating advisors Alina and E. in order to help our guests Heidi, Reidan and Weston find love in Alderaan places. (Get it, because it's a geek joke, and it's a play on wor--I need to be quiet now.)

  47. Damn You, Barry Allen!
    In which we are joined by Evie of I Hate/Love Remakes and Angie from Strangers From the Internet to discuss the DC New 52 comics, and Evie and Dayna catfight over Starfire. This is sadly less sexy than it sounds.

  48. And Then the Werewolf Fell In Love With the WAIT WHAT
    In which Cleolinda Jones and a completely shattered K.C. join us again for another installment of Seriously, What the Hell, Twilight?, and we find that Robert Pattinson himself is the greatest Twilight troll ever.

  49. The Show Must Go On
    Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! The end of an era as Kevin is joined by his fiancee Lore to bid him a fond farewell as co-host of Made Of Fail. Amidst many tears, it is finally empirically established that we CANNOT MATH.

  50. Everybody Fest!
    In which we begin the reign of the new co-host George, and Made Of Fail goes to MAGFest 2012 and has pretty much the best time ever. Featuring lots of guest appearances from persons of note, and not so many good notes. (With bonus videos! :D)

  51. Tell Me About the Kittens, George
    In which we are joined by Coldguy of the Spine Breakers podcast to instantly troll Dayna with Journey, you sons of bitches, and she will never forget it as she types up the episode descriptions after very little sleep. Oh, and we talk about books and other nerd stuffs, too.

  52. Dead Guys Have No Reason To Live
    In which we are joined by author Adam Selzer and Alina from Second Time Around to discuss the tragic (your mileage may vary) stories of girls who fall in love with zombies, which, by the way, Adam totally did better. With sass.

  53. What Is This, A Joke?

  54. Some Assembly Required
    In which we are joined by Gavin Leaf of the Star Trek: Galilea audio drama as well as Linkara once again, to discuss the absolute perfection that was the Avengers movie. Have you tried the shawarma?

  55. Four More Years! Four More Years!
    In which...uh...we never did put up the show notes, did we?

  56. Fish Fish Possum Possum In which J.D. DeMotte from Comics Are Awesome joins forces with Cleolinda Jones to talk about The Dark Knight Rises, and Christian Bale is kinda awesome.

  57. George Wants Liefeld Tentacle Pr0n
    In which Editor Devin is a friggin' superhero for saving the show during the Hurricane Isaac blackout, Noel joins us for the episode, and it gets really, really inappropriate at times. Oh, Noel.

  58. Pandaring To the Audience
    In which Weston and Tessa create a Reliquary reunion to go apeshit over World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria with Dayna. Who, yes, remembers when she thought WoW was dumb and for nerds, but can no longer hear you from this high up on the damage meters.

  59. Everybody Dies and Lives Happily Ever After In which Jo and K.C. join Cleolinda Jones for our OH MY GOD IT'S FINALLY OVER, WE NEVER HAVE TO REVIEW ANOTHER TWILIGHT MOVIE EVER AGAIN, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA SUCK IT SPARKLEPIRES!! *throws down summary, drives off into the sunset*

  60. That's What We're Tolkien About
    In which Cleolinda Jones turns this car around and drives back to the podcast after ditching Dayna in a gutter somewhere, Kevin makes a triumphant return for an episode, and listener Danielle rounds out the cast for a discussion of The Hobbit. Kevin Starts A Thing, and no theater is safe.

  61. Is This Thing On?
    In which we are joined by Jason "LordKat" Pullara to discuss the nuts and bolts of starting one's own internet show, and Jason simulcasts the entire recording and Dayna has no idea somehow. We at Made Of Fail have never claimed to be very observant.