Episode Fifty-Two: Dead Guys Have No Reason To Live

Episode 52 is live!


Thanks to Alina from Second Time Around for joining us this month, as well as Adam Selzer, author/musician/guy-who-knows-too-much-about-grave-robbing. You can find Adam's books on Amazon, as well as Sparks by his pseudonym S.J. Adams.

I Kissed A Zombie and I Liked It PSAs, songs and more can be found at!

Don't forget to listen to the Back Row Hooligans at!

Warm Bodies. No, really. NO, REALLY.

Here is the trailer for Munger Road, about a suburban legend set in Dayna's hometown. Incidentally, if anyone knows if this is going to be on DVD, let us know.

Episodes 1-3 of our own Star Trek: Galilea audio drama are online, with Episode Three written by Alina!

Here's the Blistered Thumbs review of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Also, here is Dayna's review of Final Fantasy XIII.

Incidentally, this is the new Chocobo Theme from FFXIII-2. We are never making it up. (™Cleolinda Jones)

The Last Story is coming to the Wii on June 19th, and we must say, it looks pretty damn good. Check it out at IGN.

This is the Machete Viewing Order for the Star Wars films, and it's got very well-thought-out reasons behind it. Give it a try, if for no other reason than it excises The Phantom Menace from the series altogether.

Read up on Before Watchmen over at Wikipedia, and tell us what you think of the idea.

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Episode Fifty: Everybody Fest!

Episode 50 is live!


Welcome aboard George as the new regular co-host! George was last heard on Episode 38: If the Monkey Wants Your Banana. He is also my roommate and southern BFF, and has a few sound quality issues with his computer WE ARE GOING TO TRY TO FIX IT OKAY WE ARE VERY SORRY.

This episode features appearances from SonikGav from, Angie from Strangers From the Internet, my friends Chris, Sean and Breda, Linkara, LordKaT, RolloT and Skitch from Channel Awesome/

U jelly of our MAGFest trip? Don't be! It'll be in the same place next year, Jan. 3-6 2013. We plan on going, so show up and please say hi!

Angie has written up blogs of her own about the trip, and is featured at the very beginning of the Angry Video Game Nerd's Autographs & Arcade video!

Here's some of the cool stuff we experienced, so you don't miss out:
-Blistered Thumbs: The Art Of Video Game Reviewing and Retroware TV panels
-Atop the Fourth Wall Live
-TGWTG Q&A panel
-Angry Video Game Nerd Q&A Panel
-The Arcade

Also, the first of the Made Of Fail audio dramas is up! Go listen to Star Trek: Galilea Episode 1 - Beginnings and let us know what you think!

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Episode Forty-Nine: The Show Must Go On

Episode 49 is live!


Yes, listeners, this is Kevin's final episode as regular co-host. Drop a comment and let him know how awesome he has been. Shut up I am not still crying it is very dusty in here

Thanks to Lore, the ubiquitous Trekkiegirl, for coming onto the show this episode!

"The lava lamp of sound" - here, have some ambient Enterprise engine noise.

So hey, we heard you like audio dramas. We have audio dramas now. Audio dramas are cool.

Here's all the cool stuff about Kepler-22b, from PlanetQuest, Time and NASA!

Our friend and listener Suzannah has a podcast now: go listen to Animated Things Club if you're into animation at all.

You an arachnophobe? Play Skyrim? Have we got the mod for you! (WARNING: Spider picture. But then bears.) (Also P.S. dear Blizzard please do this for the Terokkarantula kthxbai)

As a holiday present from Made Of Fail to you, please enjoy a porcupine eating corn.

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6 trillion miles per light year X 600 light years =
360,000,000,000,000 miles (360 trillion)
/17,500 mph (space shuttle max speed to sustain orbit)
=20,571,428,571 hours (I am leaving off decimal points JUST BECAUSE OKAY)
/24 hours in a day = 857,142,857 days
/365 days in a year = 2,348,336 years to reach Kepler-22b via space shuttle.
The "40" came from forgetting to multiply somewhere, because I am bad at math and this is why I don't work for NASA.


Dear listeners:

It saddens us to inform you that one of us has recently experienced a terrible tragedy. Brandi, a.k.a. sirius20_81, recently gave birth to a baby girl named Leelu Shea. Tragically, Leelu died less than an hour after she was born due to complications in her heart.

We at Made Of Fail consider our listeners our extended family, and we try very hard to take care of our own. So we're doing a donation drive to help Brandi and her family. We can't turn back time and make everything better, but what we can do is try to make day-to-day things a little easier while she and her family take the time to grieve. We hope this will help take care of things like hospital and medical bills, funeral arrangements for Leelu, and any other care the family needs.

If you cannot donate money, please repost this wherever you can, and leave a comment expressing your sympathies and/or prayers. You are in our thoughts, Brandi, and we hope this helps even the tiniest bit.


Episode Forty-Eight: And Then the Werewolf Fell In Love With the WAIT WHAT

Episode 48 is live!


Thanks to our Senior Sparkle Correspondent Cleolinda Jones for joining us this month, as well as Noel from I Hate/Love Remakes and our glutton for punishment K.C.!

Cleo has Breaking Dawn In Fifteen Minutes up on her blog, and she just knocked it out of the park.

Doug Walker, a.k.a. That Guy With the Glasses has also done a really great video review of Breaking Dawn, with >9000% more rage! (Also a Bum Review, but we're pointing to his actual review.)

MarzGurl has been picking apart the first Twilight novel rather effectively, if you feel like going back to basics. A more innocent time, if you will.

This isn't mentioned in the episode, but Robert Pattinson is the greatest Twilight troll of all time and we just had to share it.

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Episode Forty-Seven: Damn You, Barry Allen!

Episode 47 is live!


Thanks to Angie and Evie for joining us this month! You can hear more of Angie on Strangers From the Internet, and Evie on I Hate/Love Remakes.

Our buddy Linkara has more reviews of the DCnU - every single new comic. Check out his That's All I'm Saying reviews.

Laura Hudson at ComicsAlliance wrote a great article on why the new interpretations of Starfire and Catwoman are...not the best. (Your mileage may vary.)

Former Marvel and Valiant editor-in-chief Jim Shooter wrote a very in-depth article about how the new 52 issues work as entry points, using RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS as his example.

And if you were curious about DEMON KNIGHTS, which we couldn't get to, our friend ChaoticRambler wrote about it.

If you can't get to a comic shop to check out any titles, you can go to Comixology and buy them there!

Listener Bipla wants you to check out a spooky webseries called Marble Hornets, so go for it!

We at Made Of Fail would like to pay our respects to Steve Jobs, who knew what was up.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Check out James Rolfe's Monster Madness all October long at Cinemassacre. Show us your costumes in the comments if you like!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us at, or send us a message on Twitter: @made_of_fail.
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By the way, the Saints beat the Panthers 30-27.

Auction #1 - Catharsis

So, hey, did you enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIII? Really? Good, me neither. To that end, I cleansed it with fire.

Part 1 Part 2

The Aftermath and Auction:

The disc is blackened beautifully (New Orleans-style!) with a gorgeous vein of sparkly gold running down the top rim. Also, it's Final Fantasy XIII after being set on fire. The perfect gift for anyone who felt betrayed by the sheer awfulness of this game!

I will personally autograph it with whatever you want. Shipping ONLY to continental U.S.