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Episode Sixty: That's What We're Tolkien About

Episode 60 is live!


SPOILER WARNING: We spoil The Hobbit out to there and back again.

Thanks to Cleolinda Jones (@cleolinda), our Senior Elvish Correspondent, for coming on to replace Dayna. And welcome Danielle (@eruvadhril), Tolkien fangirl extraordinaire and venomous Australian. :P Oh, and some guy named Kevin was here.

The Hobbit is still in theaters. Go see it! Buy the book while you're at it!

Editor Devin has requested we link to The Literal Hobbit Trailer, and who are we not to share?

OTHER THINGS OF NOTE: Kevin is now a part of the MorBacon Theater Company, and has a few projects up his sleeve for 2013, so cross your fingers that all goes well! With any luck, they will be doing a production of Carnacki the Ghost Finder, which you can download for free to the Kindle here.

Danielle would like to draw your attention to Mitch Benn's audio performance of A Christmas Carol here, as well as Martin Pearson's website for a Lord Of the Rings musical.

Also, there is a Klingon Christmas Carol going on in Chicago. No, really. Try to catch it before the end of December.

Finally, keep a close eye on Cleolinda's Movies In Fifteen Minutes for Breaking Dawn Part 2 In Fifteen Minutes!

Happy Holidays to all our listeners!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us at made_of_fail@yahoo.com, or send us a message on Twitter: @made_of_fail.

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