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Episode Fifty-Four: Some Assembly Required

Episode 54 is live!


SPOILER WARNING: We discuss The Avengers in this episode and we are not shy about spoilers. Go see it before you listen to us.

Thank you to Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug for joining us again! You can find his review of the movie here. Also, he's back to doing History Of Power Rangers so DEAR GOD LEAVE THE MAN ALONE. XD

Also thanks to Gavin Leaf for joining us for his first time on the flagship podcast! Gav plays Q on our Star Trek: Galilea audio drama (we're up to episode 5!) and regularly appears on the Bromance podcast with RolloT and ArcLight.

Everyone give a huge congratulations to our tireless editor Devin, who will be officially married on May 19th! (We asked him if he was prepared for the wedding and he replied thusly. It's possible we should be concerned.)

We also recommend you watch Doug Walker's reviews of the Avengers, both as the Chester A. Bum character and himself. We hear it's the greatest movie he's ever seen in his LIFE!

[citation needed] of the episode: No solid confirmation for a Black Widow movie. While one article claims it's a done deal, it just reads as "they've been talking about it a lot."

Jim Hines writes an interesting piece about the Black Widow's role in The Avengers, which we more or less disagree with but it's still well-written.

Joss Whedon has Things To Say about the movie, and we're also happy to report that as of this posting, it's grossed $1 billion worldwide. NUMFAR! DO THE DANCE OF JOY!

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