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Episode Forty-Six: Love Is On The Air Tonight [Sep. 27th, 2011|09:26 pm]
Made Of Fail



Episode 46 is live!


Huge thanks to our panelists this episode - Alina and E. - and to our victims contestants applicants? We're going with "applicants": Weston, Heidi and Reidan. You guys rocked this episode!

Be absolutely sure to visit E's website Geek's Dream Girl! They will help you out with your dating profile, and they have an eBook and everything!

SPECIAL BONUS: If you use the code MADEOFFAIL at checkout between now and 10/31/11, you will get 15% off any Geek's Dream Girl product or service!

Now that you've got that shiny new profile, why not try using it somewhere like MeetUp.com?

Here is the article about profile pictures we mentioned this episode.

And for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than weirdness, If Cats Made Their Own Porn. (SFW, we swear.)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us at made_of_fail@yahoo.com, or send us a message on Twitter: @made_of_fail.
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[User Picture]From: god_of_rain
2011-09-28 05:28 am (UTC)
hey guys love the ep. I have to say im one of thoes guys that just freez up and just can't do it and i bing on two dateing site and got notting back but as of late so i gave up and after a little set back last year and now im back on my feet i just bing doing the same thing like heidi and reidan im just work to much and now with me back in school working on photography. i just not have the time to go out. i bing working on talking to new people at work and in class but that is how far i gone. Im just bing takeing baby steps right now and hopeing i meet someone down the road. after i hear this ep i need to work on my coincidence (still) and meet more people.
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[User Picture]From: jasondemotte
2011-09-28 06:51 pm (UTC)
I'm kind of surprised no guys wrote in to be a part of this, considering I've known several guys who have this problem (some don't want to admit it), myself included. I considered writing in but I thought more fellas who deserved a better spot than me (though Weston did fine), as I've gotten a LOT better about meeting girls than I was a few years ago. I still have yet to find true love or even a girlfriend, but I do get dates. I know how hard it was when I was that ultra-shy guy who was afraid of rejection (and I still am, but I can hide it better now), so I thought more guys would be better off giving advice than myself.
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[User Picture]From: 90scartoonman
2011-10-03 07:16 am (UTC)
No other guys wrote in? Hurm. Still, your show did not disappoint. Sometimes it's good just to hear there are normal people in the same situation as you. Sometimes, though, as a guy, I feel it's tough to just approach someone out of the blue because I keep thinking the first thing they're thinking is "Don't hit on me". A couple of my female friends have told me when they're at the grocery store or the post office they just want to get their errands done without being disturbed. Then again, maybe I'm just being too cautious.
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[User Picture]From: mysticowl
2011-10-06 02:55 am (UTC)
Well, there should be some situation awareness and sensitivity to the approach. A person running errands in a grocery store or in a post office most likely doesn't want to be disturbed. Standing in line at a coffee shop or wandering around a bookstore, on the other hand, are times when they're more likely to not mind striking up a conversation.
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[User Picture]From: 90scartoonman
2011-10-07 04:21 am (UTC)
Well, my friend was waiting in line at the post office, it's not like the guy was trying to talk to her while she was in the middle of something. But I suppose you're right, wandering around a bookstore makes it a bit more socially appropriate. Still, situation awareness and dating don't always go hand in hand.
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[User Picture]From: snapdragon76
2011-10-13 01:49 pm (UTC)
Excellent episode guys. I am reminded of a quote by Dr. Suess (paraphrased of course): be yourself, because the people who matter don't care and the people who care don't matter.
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